Blaze New Trails with Salesforce’s
Summer ‘21 Update

Blaze New Trails with Salesforce’s Summer ‘21 Update-Acsgbl

The weather is heating up and so is Salesforce with their newest update. Like prior installments, the Summer ‘21 release continues to provide users with effective ways to save time while continuing to grow their org. There are many exciting new features to further streamline financial services, but two of our favorites are Deal Management and Branch Management and Association Engine.

With Deal Management, users have the ability to have a comprehensive overview of deals they’re involved in while simultaneously managing and tracking team members, products, interactions and data for financial deals. This fosters a sense of collaboration between team members and throughout the organization. The new Deal Management data model makes it easy to effectively track a deal life cycle by managing the various phases with ease, accuracy and confidentiality. Sharing critical deal information with relevant parties within your organization has been simplified to eliminate manual sharing selections while still prioritizing security.

Branch Management and Association Engine makes tracking and attribution effortless. Users are able to define rules for associating records such as leads and accounts with branches or other entities; and reportable branch management objects allow insight into productivity and performance throughout the organization. This in turn provides users with a wealth of knowledge based upon your custom indicators.

These are merely two of the many new features that accompany Salesforce’s Summer 2021 update to streamline financial services within your organization. To stay up to date with information on all the exciting updates in store, be sure to subscribe to Access Global Group’s newsletter to stay informed.

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