Building Lasting Relationships with FSC


Traditional mapping and tracking of client information only allows a small glimpse into the lives and financial goals of your clients. But with Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud, users have a comprehensive view of each client’s household across multiple channels and lines of business in an easy to navigate format. This works to unify the customer experience and deepen customer relationships all while improving business for your team.

FSC offers a complete picture of your org’s clients, related key information and data that is easily accessible by advisors throughout your financial institution. Users can view cases, financial goals, manage policies and track documents from a single location. This makes it easier than ever to cater to your client’s specific needs and drive trusted customer interactions through to the next generation and beyond.

As we continue pushing into a digitally immersed world, it becomes increasingly more important that your clients are able to get the help they need, when they need it most. Salesforce simplifies genuine connections by making it easy to contact advisors from anywhere in the world and from any platform. Consistent customer experiences, regardless of the channel, can help set your organization on the path for a sustainable and successful future.

To learn more about how implementing Financial Services Cloud can benefit your organization, reach out to one of Access Global Group’s exceptional team members today.

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