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Business analytics is a powerful tool in today’s marketplace. As competition grows, there is a heightened need to make use of  available and relevant data in making sound logical business decisions to improve profitability of the business, increase market share and revenue, and to provide better returns to shareholders. It breaks down past performances to draw a plan for the future, leveraging evidence-based data and quantitative methods for decision-making and business modelling.

As more and more organizations and business transactions are going digital, large volume of data is being generated. This data serves as a goldmine to organizations, which can effectively and proactively put this data to use for making informed business decisions.  The use of appropriate analytical tools to comprehend the data distinguishes an astute businessman and improves the organization’s performance in terms of revenue, profits, and increase in market share.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics:

Keeping in mind the criticality and importance of business analytics in the functioning of an organization, Salesforce has brought in a powerful, AI-enriched business analytics tool-Einstein, to give organizations data insights. Salesforce Einstein  brings advanced AI capabilities into the core of platform, making Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM.  

Features of Salesforce Einstein:

  • Einstein AI is powered by predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, and smart data discovery.
  • Einstein AI prioritizes leads, scores opportunities, and predicts the likelihood of each lead converting to an opportunity.
  • Einstein AI enables better decisions based on millions of data points using intuitive and configurable prebuilt reports and dashboards in Sales Analytics.
  • Einstein AI helps in making the right choices based on factors like customer preferences, changing trends, and past performances.
  • Coupled with the Customer 360 platform, Einstein AI makes the sales team more informed and equipped with the data in real time to make customer engagement more meaningful and productive.

Sit back and relax while the Salesforce Einstein tool spots opportunities, predicts outcomes, comprehends relevant patterns and puts you on the fastest path to success. We, at Access Global Group are highly passionate about transforming organizations with Salesforce implementation. If you think your organization is in need of a robust decision making system, contact us.

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