Change The Way You Commission

Change The Way You Commission with COMMISHNR

Commissions are a critical aspect when it comes to company success, and in many ways, it can act as the fuel for expansion. But finding a commission plan that works with your company’s goals can be a challenging balancing act. Too often, organizations rely on commission calculations from a number of individuals and across many platforms. This quickly becomes labor-intensive and can consequently result in costly human errors. Don’t drop the ball trying to juggle everything on your own, modernize business compensations with an automated and flexible commissions solution.

Commishnr is an AGG developed app that is 100% native to Salesforce and allows the user complete control over the commission process. Traditional commission models are time consuming and can oftentimes impede overall efficiency within your team as a result of the precision needed to avoid costly errors. But with Commishnr, users will be able to minimize the time spent on calculations and streamline automations and scheduling with ease. Having a commission structure that fits your company is important for overall success, not only to maximize revenue, but to retain employees as well.

Choosing the right commission plan matters, AGG recognizes that your company is unique and not one plan fits all. Commishnr was designed to give users the ability to customize their commission plan settings to best suit their organizational goals and can be managed based on employee-, group-, or individual- specific commissions. Commishnr is flexible and grows with your company as you continue to expand and because Commishnr is so intuitive, it can be configured for any industry.

To learn more about how Commishnr can transform the way your company handles commissions, reach out to one of our Access Global Group team members who can help set you on the right path for success. Or visit today to start your free trial.

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