Customer Engagement


High customer engagement is indicative of a healthy and successful organization. Tech innovations coupled with the power of social media can make it overwhelming for firms to manage customer engagements and meet customer expectations. So how should cutting-edge companies  engage with their customers? The answer is to harness the power of Customer 360 in Salesforce to better understand your customers.

The following are some of the Key Performance Indicators that improve customer satisfaction and improve the level of the customer engagement.

  • The quality of customer engagement is as important for customer happiness as the quality of the product or service they are buying.
  • Embracing technological innovations and advancements to improve customer experiences is critical to continued success.
  • Personalization, timeliness, and connectivity are the three foundations of exceptional customer engagement.
  • Ethics and trust are key to winning customers’ business and loyalty

Salesforce Cloud, with the use of Service Cloud and a host of user-friendly apps on AppExchange, has revolutionized customer engagement and redefined customer satisfaction.

How is Salesforce making superior customer engagement attainable?

Salesforce offers several tools to deliver unforgettable experience to customers using the world’s most complete customer service platform.

1. AI enriched Einstein:

Predictive analytics from AI – enriched Einstein provide critical data from customer profiles, case histories, choices, and preferences. Fuelled by these customer insights, Salesforce 360 can suggest changes and predict what a customer will need resulting in personalized customer service that drives growth and improves customer satisfaction.

2. Ability to work from anywhere, any channel, any device:

In the ever- changing business environment, teams should be able to work from anywhere and communicate among themselves and with stakeholders on any channel, any device. Amazon Connect from Amazon web services facilitates communication-audio and video, on any channel, any device and from anywhere.

3. Automation:

Critical work items can be automated and routed to the most appropriate agent, based on employee skill set, availability, and capacity to handle incoming work. This also ensures that high priority work always receives immediate action and increases customer satisfaction. Business processes can be designed with a point-and-click interface to orchestrate workflows, create and update records, log calls, send emails, and more.

Access Global Group will help you overcome the challenge of fragmented data by implementing Salesforce Customer 360 in your organization and enable you to provide synchronized experiences for your customers.

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