Customer Success Story | The Aequo Fund

Customer Success Story | The Aequo Fund

Access Global Group recently worked with The Aequo Fund to transform their work processes when it became more cumbersome than helpful. This intervention came at a critical juncture to allow for The Aequo Fund’s initiative not only to thrive, but to expand as well.

About The Aequo Fund

The Aequo fund is a Maryland based organization that is dedicated to providing opportunities and financial support to people who are traditionally underrepresented in real estate development. They work to level the playing field by giving access to resources, mentorship, community, and capital to people of color, women and immigrant developers so that they can be part of shaping our cities and neighborhoods.


The Aequo Fund found themselves heavily relying on tracking information via paper, in files and in Excel. This not only became overwhelming, but resulted in a number of errors due to cumbersome manual data entry. The Aequo Fund wanted to service more clients but found it to be a burdensome task whilst also trying to juggle inefficient system processes and workflows. What they needed was a solution to provide organizational support and to replace many of their unmanageable processes.


Understanding the importance of The Aequo Fund’s mission, Access Global Group knew that they needed a system that would streamline their workflow quickly. In order to take on more clients, Access Global Group set up Salesforce Sales Cloud and Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to simplify The Aequo Fund’s online submission process and to better manage applicants. In turn, this also allowed for builder management and property management. By replacing their paper, files and Excel data storage with a centralized document repository, employees are now able to view their most critical information quickly and easily. This, coupled with task automation, allowed The Aequo Fund’s team to improve internal processes and focus more on the client’s of the communities they serve.



By utilizing the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud and FSC, The Aequo Fund saw a significant reduction in their application submission timeline. Furthermore, their internal application processing time was reduced by 40%. As a result, The Aequo Fund is now able to service even more people of color, women and immigrant developers so that they can continue playing a vital role in shaping cities and neighborhoods.

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