Embracing Client 360: Transforming Insurance Experiences through Vertafore AMS360 and Salesforce

Jenna Trott  |  August 14, 2023  |  5 Minute Read


In the world of insurance, true success extends beyond just monetary gains and quota achievements. A successful insurance company is one that looks beyond the balance sheets and premiums, to instead help members understand the complexities of policies, craft solutions that weave seamlessly into the fabric of their lives, and ultimately form connections that withstand the test of time.

So what’s holding insurers back?

Insurance companies often struggle to fully embrace the concept of a comprehensive client 360 due to various obstacles:

Impersonal Interactions stemming from a lack of personalization can make clients feel like mere policyholders, preventing the potential for building enduring relationships.

Cumbersome Administrative Processes, slow response times, and lengthy paperwork can further hinder efforts to build connections, causing clients to question the agency’s abilities.

Limited Accessibility and difficulties in communication can discourage clients from seeking assistance when needed while interacting with multiple agents can lead to inconsistent experiences and support.

Neglecting Follow-ups after initial interactions or policy changes may leave clients feeling undervalued and overlooked, further impeding the formation of lasting relationships.

In this day in age, businesses cannot afford to not be customer-centric, with 48% of customers having switched brands for better customer service in the last year. This begs the question, what can insurers do to better connect with their customers? The ideal resolution emerges through the integration of Vertafore AMS360 and Salesforce, empowering insurers with streamlined workflows on a unified system to help agents get back to what matters most — connecting with the people they serve. Let’s dive into how.

Vertafore AMS360 – what does it do?

As ​​a leading software company specializing in innovative technology solutions tailored for the insurance industry, Vertafore offers a myriad of software solutions catered toward insurance agencies, brokers, carriers, and professionals to aid in the streamlining of operations, boosting customer service, and enhancing efficiency. In particular, Vertafore AMS360 is a premier agency management solution designed specifically for independent insurance agencies. It offers tools and features to help agencies manage their operations efficiently, including client information, policies, renewals, accounting, and much, much more. Key features include:

Gain Full Visibility into client information thanks to AMS360’s centralized database. Effortlessly oversee and curate comprehensive client profiles, intricate policy details, and seamless communication.

Maximize Efficiency by automating complex workflows. From seamless policy renewals to instant certificate generation, it slashes manual effort. Its renewal alerts keep agencies sharp on renewal dates and rate changes, bolstering retention and freeing resources for superior client care.

Deliver Seamless Mobility through dedicated apps and browser access, allowing agents to efficiently access client data and complete tasks while on the move.

Intuitive Client Portals provide customers with self-service access to policy information, documents, and the ability to initiate policy requests, leading to elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

Open API empowers companies to customize and enhance their AMS360 experience by integrating third-party applications, tools, or services. Creating a more tailored approach to agency management has never been easier.

At the forefront of insurtech innovation, AMS360 redefines the industry by elevating customer service and operational excellence; when integrated with Salesforce, its potential skyrockets – let’s look at how.

The Power of Integrating Vertafore AMS360 and Salesforce

By leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce, renowned global CRM leader, with Vertafore’s AMS360 exceptional agency management solutions, a new era of seemingly limitless opportunities emerges. Integrating Vertafore AMS360 and Salesforce not only addresses the myriad challenges encountered by insurance firms but also helps build client relationships that persevere. Here’s how:

Supercharge Staff Productivity by leveraging superior automation features that empower users to achieve far more in less time. For instance, when a policy is up for renewal in AMS360, Salesforce can automatically generate a follow-up task or email reminder for quick action.

Embrace Total Customer 360 thanks to AMS360’s and Salesforce’s panoramic view of member information. Empower employees with valuable insights into customers’ unique interactions and needs that enable transparent and agile service, fosters higher satisfaction, and ultimately leads to higher renewal and retention rates.

Empower Decision Making by uniting Salesforce’s powerful business intelligence capabilities with AMS360’s real-time accounting features. Insurers gain access to a wealth of comprehensive analytics, revealing insights that hold the power to steer strategic growth and seize untapped opportunities.

Improve Renewals and Retention by leveraging automated renewal alerts and timely rate increase notifications. This enables fast agent intervention that not only enhances client satisfaction but also increases the likelihood of retaining valuable customers.

Company Case Study

Let’s take a look at the case of Susan.
Susan, a homeowner, had been insured with a traditional insurance company that operated without the advantage of AMS360 and Salesforce integration. Her insurance journey was tarnished by a number of inefficiencies and frustrations that caused her to rethink her status with this company. This included:

Susan often received renewal notices close to the deadline, leaving her with questions about the status of her policy.

Inquiries to her insurance agents were met with exhaustive delays due to their struggle to promptly access her policy details.

Changes to Susan’s coverage required laborious paperwork and manual data entry, leading to errors and inaccuracies that left her wondering about the level and quality of care her insurer provided.

Opting for a more forward-thinking insurance company that harnessed the power of integrating Vertafore AMS360 and Salesforce, Susan sensed the level of dedication to her experience from the start. Upon her renewal date, Susan received an automatic alert well in advance, giving her the peace of mind that her policy was being well-managed. Here are more ways this integration helped to create a more unified and personalized insurance experience for Susan:

Fast and Accurate Communication became easy as agents gained immediate access to Susan’s policy details and could quickly respond to any inquiries or concerns she was having.

Effortless Coverage Adjustments became the standard for Susan as the process was now paperless and accurate. Automated workflows eliminated potential errors and streamlined the process, ending Susan’s frustration and further heightened her satisfaction with the company.

Personalized Offerings made possible by Salesforce’s 360-degree view allowed the insurance company critical insight into Susan’s needs and interactions to offer tailored upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

User-Friendly Interfaces make it easy for Susan to easily track policy details, coverage adjustments, and renewal dates when it’s most convenient for her.

Susan’s insurance journey went from frustration to satisfaction, all thanks to the synergy of AMS360 and Salesforce. The integration not only streamlined operations for the insurance agency but also drastically improved Susan’s experience as an insured. Susan gained the ability to proactively engage with the company through timely alerts and efficient communication, leading her to feel truly valued as a client. The automated processes ensured accurate coverage, aligning with Susan’s needs and minimizing errors. With faster response times and independent access to policy information, Susan experienced efficient service that reduced waiting times and took her service experience to new heights. Overall, Susan was left feeling more confident in her insurer, fostering a long-standing sense of trust and reliability in their services.

Why AGG?

Insurance companies look out for their clients, safeguarding their dreams and protecting against the unforeseen contingencies that shadow them. But who has insurers’ backs? Selecting the right allies, those who share your goals, becomes paramount in the journey to build that trust. This is precisely where Access Global Group excels, offering a unique blend of global deployment expertise coupled with the agility of a boutique firm. With a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years in diverse industries and holding the prestigious Summit (Platinum)-level partner status, AGG ensures that your financial institution’s needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded throughout the entire integration process.

AGG’s unparalleled proficiency in integrating Vertafore AMS360 and Salesforce with various insurance companies is truly invaluable. We possess a one-of-a-kind project methodology that places our clients at the forefront of every decision, ensuring that their requirements and aspirations drive our solutions. Our extensive experience working with Salesforce and the financial services industry further underscores our ability to deliver the finest solutions tailored specifically for your business.

What challenges is your company currently facing? Reach out to us, and together, we can identify the most suitable solutions to address your unique needs effectively!

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