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“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence-only in constant improvement and constant change.”

-Tom Peters

As the competition in today’s business world is exponentially increasing, so is the need to meet the ever-changing expectations of an organization’s key stakeholders. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it is imperative to receive first-hand feedback from customers and act on it to bring about improved changes in the functioning of an organization. Understanding the needs of customers is key to enhanced customer satisfaction. Feedback gathered during their previous interactions with the business is the way to provide personalized customer experience.

Salesforce Feedback Management is a new suite of enterprise-level tools and surveys built into the Salesforce platform that provides businesses with the capabilities to collect real-time, actionable feedback. Businesses can now drive more informed and relevant business solutions using data from this tool.

What can you do with Salesforce Feedback Management?

1) Enhance Customer 360 with unified feedback and customer data:

This tool allows businesses to automatically pull data from the Salesforce ecosystem and use it in customer survey questions, like a service rep name, item purchased, or date of service. This provides more information and personalized context to the survey-taker. This information is then mapped back into the Salesforce platform, automatically updating the field and merging with the feedback received to provide a unified data mine, allowing organizations to work on the feedback and create follow-up actions based on different needs.

2) Collect feedback automatically at various points of interaction between a business, its customers, and employees:

SFM allows businesses to create fully customizable lifecycle maps and journey analytics to define important interactions, create surveys and automate feedback collection across any channel, including bots and service centers.

3) Improve customer experiences with actionable insights:

Powered by Einstein AI, SFM provides intelligent, built-in dashboards so businesses can track customer and employee feedback to derive actionable insights across the customer lifecycle.

Salesforce Feedback Management brings together the power of world’s #1 CRM with contextual and instant feedback from your employees, customers, and partners to provide powerful experiences that drive growth. Successful firms run on accurate feedback. Contact Access Global Group today, we are passionate about putting organizations on the fastest path to success.

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