Financial Service Cloud Wealth Management

Salesforce Financial Cloud Wealth Management

Financial Service Cloud Wealth Management is an exclusive software application to meet the specific tailor-made requirements of the wealth management sector. With the adaptation of this enterprising app, Salesforce transformed every client relationship into a wealth of new growth opportunities for financial services institutions.

FSC equips financial advisors with a 360 degree view of customers on a real time basis to make decisions at speed and at scale. The features of this specific product have an amazing inter-operability with other related applications. This holistic view allows the advisors the flexibility to drive business growth and elevate the value of client services.

Major features include:

  • A pre-configured solution that models financial accounts, assets, liabilities, financial life goals, compliance, and other specific business practices, making adoption easy.
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce means power, scalability, and in-built security.
  • Einstein AI analytics enable advisors with supportive decision-making supportive information.
  • The “Client Relationship Map” feature provides deep insight into key relationships across multiple households and business groups so advisors can quickly identify and capture potential client connections and increases the scope for opportunities.
  • Built-in multiplatform integration gives access to various financial planning tools, e-signature solutions, data aggregators, and other productivity enhancing applications on a single platform.

Unlock the full power of your financial services institution and earn client loyalty from one generation to the next with the added benefit of faster ROI with Financial Service Cloud. Access Global Group helps you leverage the best Salesforce solutions to build personalized relationships with each of your clients

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