Giving your Financial Services
the Lightning Experience

Giving your Financial Services the Lightning Experience

Transform your business’s digital atmosphere and provide exceptional service to clients with Financial Service Cloud. Users will be able to unify the customer experience by easily visualizing connections between a variety of channels and lines of business to make tracking important information and financial goals more efficient than ever before.

The Customer 360 platform transforms your client base into an effective network for referrals, and related lists showcase individuals who can assist your team in cultivating new business opportunities. Users have the ability to customize fields and objects spanning individuals and households in a way that caters to industry specifics and captures the full picture of a business’s financial information and goals.

Having all relevant and key information in one location makes client metrics easily accessible and streamlines business opportunities by giving advisors better insight into the audiences they serve. When data is well organized, efforts can be focused toward portfolio rebalancing, custodian data services, and asset aggregation across every account thanks to the ease and efficiency that Financial Service Cloud provides.

Reach out to one of our exceptional team members today to learn more about FSC capabilities and how to best incorporate it within your organization!

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