Guest User Security Policies update

Guest User Security

Salesforce is about to release certain security enhancements for the guest user profiles, which is bound to impact the business of the organisations. The enforcement of the public site security policies affects all customer organizations within Salesforce public sites built on Lightning Platform,,, or Communities.

The new security update potentially impacts the guest users in the following ways:

  • Guest users may lose access to data.
  • Guest users can no longer update or delete records.
  • Guest users can no longer complete forms using Flows.
  • Guest users may lose visibility to other users of the public site.
  • Guest users can no longer upload files.

What now?

Reviewing user profiles, permissions given, and the span of access and authorisation given to each guest user for accessing the Salesforce system data is the need of this hour, to ensure business continuity and to update your organization’s security policies to be compliant with  the new security policy of the Salesforce. These changes in the security policy are automatic and will be in place, the moment they are released by Salesforce anytime now.

How can we help you?

We, at Access Global Group, have the experience and expertise to review and bring the authorisation matrix of the user profiles and the default settings in line with the proposed changes by Salesforce. Backed by a strong team of certified consultants, we will customize all the necessary changes and default settings in the user profiles for the guest user and make it compliant to the proposed changes. An astute businessman knows that these changes have to be made before the Security Release is affected by Salesforce, to ensure smoother transition. Data and data integrity are the most vital components of any IT system and  these measures amplify data security.

Each guest user has a unique profile (public access settings). Though the guest users on the site can not directly log into the Salesforce instance, they can access  data and create records, under their account. We can help you assign these records to a specific Salesforce system user by default. It is advisable to have more than one default owner. All the default settings associated with the business user should be reviewed and customized to make your system compliant to the proposed Salesforce security release.

When Access Global Group is your ally, digital transformation is as effortless as selling your product to your most favourite customer.

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