Have you heard of Work.com yet?

Have you heard of Work-com yet

Although we are still fighting our way through unprecedented times, many of us have come to terms with the ‘new normal.’ We are now gearing towards re-opening the economy and Salesforce has come up with a blueprint to guide you through the process. It is now amply clear that reopening offices goes beyond broadcasting an official email. Reopening office under these circumstances requires a  carefully strategized plan to accommodate wide range of employees.

Work.com allows you to make well thought out decisions based on real time data, helps you monitor employee wellness and sketch out shift schedules, create customized workflows for resuming operations and integrate this data with other trusted applications. This is of paramount importance because it not only shows confidence to your stakeholders, but also your resolve to curtail the spread of the pandemic through specific features like contact tracing and hot spot monitoring

Work.com comes with the following applications and services:

Workplace Command Center:

The Workplace Command Center is the central point in Work.com where  data from all connected applications is available to help in decision-making and strategies for reopening your business in a safe and informed manner. It includes the ‘Employee Wellness Check’ app that allows you to interact with your employees, gather Wellness Surveys based on CDC guidelines, and evaluate your level of readiness to return, thereby helping you develop shift scheduling plans.

Emergency Response Management:

This component is designed to facilitate public health services in its efforts to improve emergency healthcare access to employees and give accurate CDC-approved information about risk factors. The dashboard gives a complete view of the emergency lifecycle, helping agencies increase collaboration, streamline and manage emergency service requests, and prioritize and distribute resources.

Workforce Reskilling:

Many things have changed in the last few months and new skills are necessary to handle these changes. The Workforce Reskilling portion of Work.com is aimed at training and imparting  skills to the employees on a digital platform. It provides an addictive and interactive way to learn and cultivate a highly productive digital work culture.

Contact Tracing:

Fast containment is key to halting the progression of pandemics, and rapid determination of a diagnosed patient’s past locations and contact history is critical. This powerful tool helps your company gather the right information through guided surveys to make the process as fast and accurate as possible.

Rapid Crisis Response:

Work.com includes Rapid Crisis Response to address the concerns of all stakeholders by laying out several pre-configured self-help apps, an FAQ section, and AI powered bots to provide answers and direction without dedicating critical employees to the task.

Volunteer and Grants Management:

Salesforce has just announced this brand new tool which will be available shortly. This tool helps your company navigate through complexities surrounding a volunteer workforce, aid in the grant application process, and provide more visibility to your organization.

As our workforce continues to adapt, Work.com is one tool that can make offices safer, more productive, and more relaxed; security in the middle of the world-wide storm.

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