How to keep up with the emerging
customer trends?

customer expectations

Working digitally and embracing technology has become the order of the day to run  businesses  in a safe environment. Salesforce has redesigned itself by developing apps in digital engagement and has emerged as the much sought after critical engagement platform connecting employees and brands to their customers. Data integration and data mining with AI and Machine Learning tools are now critical input requirements and lay the ground work for a smart and robust decision supporting system.

Customer expectations also evolve to keep in tandem with the “new normal” scenarios. In order to keep up with  constantly evolving customer expectations, Salesforce and its ecosystem reimagined  technology to maximize ROI with Salesforce engagement. Some of the ways through which Salesforce makes it easier for businesses to engage with customers are as follows:

1. Unique Customer Profile
Salesforce can integrate data from any external additional resources seamlessly to give a unique, unified customer profile so agents and sales teams can engage customers, close deals, and maximize customer service.

2. Scaling up AI
The AI-rich functionaliy of Salesforce redefines critical workflows to deliver value to customers by improving the decision making  ability of management.
Instant access AI-powered Einstein can help  agents and teams  identify significant patterns and trends that can be acted upon, understanding customers in a whole new way by learning which channels, messages, and content resonate with your customers by automatically analyzing their interactions within your business across all touch points.

3. Mobility to Work From Anywhere
With its new mobile Software Development Kit, Salesforce has expanded its mobility beyond field service agents to bring a new standard for fast, secure, and reliable mobile capabilities. Salesforce Cloud supports new-generation mobile operating systems on various devices with reliability, availability, and security. Its technologies let you build custom apps, connect to data from any system, and manage your enterprise from anywhere. This increased mobility and freedom allows agents to deliver customers an engaging customer experience.

At Access Global Group, Salesforce is in our DNA. We’re true Salesforce specialists, having successfully delivered 100’s of enterprise-scale solutions in industries ranging from finance to healthcare. In order to harness the maximum potential of Salesforce platform customized to your organization, contact us now.

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