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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has transformed the way companies approach business practices. Companies have been increasing their brand value, employee engagement, and customer loyalty multifold with every dollar donated and every hour volunteered. Research has established that consumers are willing to pay 6% more for a product from a company that contributes to its community and is socially responsible, ultimately attracting the attention of potential shareholders. Philanthropy Cloud is the corporate impact platform designed for this new era of giving. This tool connects every employee’s individual passions to the right opportunities of giving back to the society. With Philanthropy Cloud, every employee now has access to a global network of opportunities to donate, volunteer, and advocate for any cause they believe in; on their own time. This concept of employee-driven philanthropy actively fosters a culture of giving in your organization by letting your employees drive and fulfill campaigns either individually or in groups to the causes they are most passionate about.

The Mobile app of Philanthropy Cloud allows employees to explore new causes, donate to nonprofits, enroll in volunteer opportunities, and log hours-all from their mobile device. PC also enables the organization to track employee giving and volunteering in real time to calculate company’s progress and collective impact, and even Sustainable Development Goals.

Philanthropy Cloud gives organizations a robust system to simplify and accelerate grant-making while facilitating collaboration between giver and recipient by cutting down time spent on admin work and allowing partners to focus more on their missions.

Another facet of this tool is the Philanthropy Cloud for Causes. This allows Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud customers to engage with their corporate partners to raise funds for their cause, recruit volunteers, and create inspiring content geared towards corporate employees. The nonprofit organizations can now update their profile, create volunteer opportunities, and share stories of need and gratitude. Philanthropy Cloud for Causes ultimately brings together nonprofits, higher education institutions and schools, and the corporations to scale and maximize their impact to drive the necessary change in the society.

Corporate Philanthropy increases employee engagement and productivity, improves brand awareness and reputation, and boosts sales. Philanthropy Cloud helps your entire organization to give back to the community together to make a bigger impact while also improving the connection with co-workers. If you ever felt the need to have a rigid program in your organization for human welfare, or to improve your brand image by associating with a cause, Salesforce PC is what you need. Contact us to be a part of the change you want to see.

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