QB connect

QB connect

Explore the new and fascinating way of doing business with QBconnect which seamlessly integrates Salesforce data with QuickBooks — a cloud accounting software specific to the business needs of small and medium firms.  This unique and customizable integration tool synchronizes all master and transactional data bidirectionally between Salesforce and QuickBooks, equipping your sales team with critical decision supporting data in a real time basis on any device.

Why integration?

As your company grows over time, the increased data load could result in slow performance issues, delayed loading time, and other issues. Some business habits could leave you at a  risk of losing data while using the QuickBooks app for more than just accounting. Using QuickBooks for off-label uses, such as managing leads,  could clog the application with customers who may never generate revenue. Therefore, a much more effective solution is  the integration of your CRM with QuickBooks.

With QBConnect in place:

  • Your sales team can have all information regarding customers (360 degree view) available to help with taking quick decisions and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Your invoices can be directly accessed in the Salesforce portal without opening QuickBooks.
  • Invoices can be created in the Salesforce and can be pushed to QuickBooks instantaneously.
  • Salesforce Einstein (if part of your  Salesforce org) gives predictive analytics of converting opportunities into leads, saving time of your team while boosting  
  • Historical data from any legacy system can be ported into your Salesforce account with our preconfigured templates.
  • You can leverage all the powerful audit-compliant tools of accounting in QuickBooks like Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Payroll Processing along with the rich functionality of Salesforce Cloud.

QBConnect  is affordable, easy to install and is founded on a robust expertise of our highly passionate technology wizards at Access Global Group.  

When in doubt, contact Access Global Group to provide the most practical and affordable solutions tailor-made to accommodate all the growing needs of your organization.

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