Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile

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At Access Global Group, we’re always looking for new hires. Want to stand out from other potential candidates? Take some time to refresh your profile on LinkedIn and improve your chances of getting hired. Here’s what companies look for:


This section is located at the very top of your profile, and despite being small, it holds a lot of importance. This is often the first thing recruiters will see when they search your page. It’s important to keep it concise but informative – including your name and current or most recent occupation role is sufficient.

Profile Photo

Just having a profile picture makes a difference, however, having a professional looking profile picture is what matters most. Make sure your picture is an appropriate reflection of you. Having a clear photo, with strong lighting and a neutral background is essential. Stay away from photos of yourself in groups of people, or from photos taken at unprofessional events such as weddings or graduations.

Experience & Education

This section could easily get too wordy — try to keep it easy to read and feature distinct reference points with bulleted information. Descriptions of each position and educational achievement should be a brief but specific overview of your accomplishments and responsibilities. And above all else, double, triple and quadruple check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Skills & Endorsements

Recruiters, especially those on LinkedIn, search by skills — so if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em! However, be wary of using too many. You shouldn’t put skills on your profile just for the sake of having them, they should be things that if an employer asked about, you could perform expertly. Having your connections endorse your skills is another great way to make your profile shine. The easiest way to get endorsements? Endorse your connections!


Having recommendations is huge when it comes to job hunting — and LinkedIn makes it easier than ever. You can now submit requests to connections you’ve worked closely with to recommend you to future employers.

Job hunting can be incredibly stressful, but being your most authentic self always helps. Good luck out there and happy job hunting!

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