Salesforce Einstein


In today’s world of fierce competition, opportunities should be won and converted into realities to generate revenue in an efficient way. Salesforce Einstein could transform the way your organization works. It improves the productivity of your workforce by delivering smarter, personalized and more predictive customer experiences. Salesforce Einstein is a set of best-in-class platform services that bring advanced AI capabilities into the core of the Customer Success Platform, making Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM. Einstein AI is powered by deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, and smart data discovery.

Einstein AI prioritizes leads for you, scores opportunities and predict which of them can be converted into reality. Organizations which implemented AI reported a tremendous increase in ROI. Einstein AI predicts the likelihood of a lead converting to a sale, deflects routine customer service questions to a chat bot, and recommends products to customers similar to the ones they have already purchased or viewed.

Being equipped with the Einstein AI is like having your own personal data scientist who helps you win more opportunities and never miss a buying signal. Einstein AI enables you to make better business decisions with the help of millions of data points using intuitive and configurable prebuilt reports and dashboards in Sales Analytics.

Fortified with our rich experience of implementing Salesforce, we,  Access Global Group, will help you in overcoming the adoption hurdles of the AI and machine learning tools of Einstein to leverage the technology and maximize the revenue. We will guide you through:

-Identifying business use cases for the adoption of Einstein AI

-Identifying the Key Performance Indicators relevant to your business

-Identifying the use cases that will positively affect the KPIs

-Set up a work flow in your the organization for a smooth transition.

Thanks to the research team at Salesforce for reading our minds and providing us with a data genie that can be incorporated in all your Salesforce platforms.

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