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Salesforce Essentials is the flagship business solution from the world’s leading CRM provider – Salesforce, built exclusively for small to medium sized businesses and start-ups. Essentials offers Sales and Customer support software in one easy-to-use app.

Features of salesforce essentials:

1. Data Integrity:

Data can be migrated into Salesforce and synced on a real time basis making use of the Einstein Activity Capture. Everyone in the organization can work with a single record of the data (the master data), accessed right from the screen where they are working.

2. Tracking Sales Progression:

Monitor sales progression, from contact and leads through opportunities and closed deals. Salesforce Essentials allows you to see how each relationship progresses as you move towards closing and since each opportunity is tracked, you can spend more time on the larger sales or even those more likely to close.

3. Support for your Customers:

Essentials gives you an organized business process to handle your customer   relationships by providing  support across email, phone, chat, social channels, and self-service help center so customers can reach you from any device, any time, and from anywhere.

4. Business Metrics at a Glance.

Business metrics can be created pertaining to the sales processes and customer service, giving insights into revenue, deals that  need special attention,  customer complaints, and feedback.

5. Integration:

The  AppExchange provides access to apps and consultants that can help to set up, customize or enhance the performance of your Salesforce ecosystem and removes the need to develop your own applications.

“The entire experience from the sales cycle and now into an everyday engagement has been one of the best as compared to other vendors I have worked with. What truly sets AGG apart is that they are as invested in the success of the project as we are. They are transparent, collaborative and understand the realities of technology projects.”

                                                                                                                    -Mark H on G2

Our passion for helping small businesses is evident in many such successes over the years. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking for ways to adapt to the ever-changing market scenario, Salesforce Essentials might just be what you need, and Access Global Group houses the best Salesforce professionals in town. Contact us here.


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