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salesforce essentials

The best things come in small packages and Salesforce Essentials with all its tools is one of the easiest and most powerful cloud-based Customer Relationship Management SaaS for small organizations. Salesforce Essentials enables small businesses to leverage the power of Salesforce scaled to fit company size. This fast and flexible platform allows these companies to offer better and more efficient processes resulting in happier customers.

A clean workspace is a productive workspace. Salesforce Essentials organizes all contacts / customers and account info and deletes duplicate entries. This equips the sales agents with detailed and all necessary information right when it is needed. Additionally, Essentials automatically syncs customer data from your email, eliminating the need to manually enter information.

Essentials keeps track of all client relationships and provides an elegant system to rank customer stages such as sales funnel or approval stage. With SE, sales agents can now project the value of each deal, making it easier to understand a company pipeline and the likeliness of closing the deal.

With Essentials, small organizations can provide enhanced customer support across email, social media, phone, chat, and self-service help center. This allows you to build a loyal customer base over time.

SE brings the office to personal phones through Salesforce Apps available on Apple App Store and Google Play. This gives your employees the power to work from anywhere so they can update customer info, prioritize calls, and track customer commitments on the go.

Assessing the health of a business is vital to its development. Essentials makes these assessments easier with prebuilt reports and dashboards showing relevant metrics. This feature also helps in troubleshooting deals and relationships to identify problem areas.

Salesforce Essentials is compatible with several other apps like DocuSign, Dropbox, to give your organization complete power over data and smoother day-to-day business.

Small businesses are critical to a nation’s economy. Salesforce is extremely proud to support small businesses in their drive to change the world. We, at Access Global Group share their pride in supporting Salesforce transformation amongst small businesses. Call us today to see if Salesforce Essentials is what your organization needs.

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