Salesforce Finance Cloud for Insurance


Salesforce Finance Cloud is the flagship platform from the world’s leading CRM. Finance Cloud addresses the specific requirements of finance streams and organizations that include the Insurance Sector, Wealth Management, and Banking.

Salesforce Finance Cloud revolutionized business processes in the Insurance sector and helped companies build enduring relationships with policy holders by delivering personalized services to clients. The Salesforce Financial Cloud comes integrated with Guidewire Insurance Platform and transforms the customer or policy holder agreement to deliver customer-centric insurance.

With Salesforce Finance Cloud services, sales agents are well informed and equipped with the data of the policy holders and products. All data on each client is available when needed so agents have a full 360 degree view of the person behind the policy. All data and analytics from  Salesforce Einstein and AI based action items for each claim are at the agents’ disposal, with seamless integration between the Salesforce Financial cloud and Guidewire Insurance Platform. This ensures  that customer engagement is more engaging and satisfying.

The major features of this exclusive software platform for the Insurance sector include:

  • Access to policy holders’ profiles showing policies, claims and life events all in one place, on a single platform from any connected channel, phone, email, and web.
  • Effectiveness of the customer engagement and increase in upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Fully embedded industry specific scenarios and pre-configured workflows like Quote and Bind transactions to meet the requirement of multiple lines of insurance such as Personal, Auto, Homeowners, Common Property, and Workers’ Compensation.
  • The ability convert opportunities into realized business with the total data available on real time basis.
  • Software that is scalable and configurable to meet specific business requirements.

Salesforce Finance Cloud for Insurance can help reduce the total cost of ownership to provide an unparalleled customer service and higher level of performance.

For more information about Salesforce Financial Cloud, contact Access Global Group a Salesforce Partner specialized in the Financial Services Industry.

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