Salesforce Financial Services Cloud- a treasure chest of new opportunities

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud- a treasure chest of new opportunities

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is an efficient wealth management system from the world’s leading CRM-Salesforce that allows financial advisors to connect with clients in a whole new way. Financial Services Cloud ushers in a new era of wealth management software, with advisors collaborating with clients from any device, any time and from anywhere.

Bankers, insurers, and advisers build trust by unifying the experience for their customers  to grow their business and deepen customer relationships. Financial institutions can accelerate digital transformation by delivering personalized service that is expected by customers, with a single view of each customer’s household across channels and lines of business, consumer and commercial. Financial institutions can visualize customer relationships and access relevant i information on a single screen in real time. This full view of customers helps to drive trusted customer interactions and provides  meaningful and productive customer experiences across all channels.

The integrated dashboards and AI capabilities of Einstein analytics, provide vital and actionable insights about clients and their household relationships as well as  valuable business networks. Customers can connect to client portal from anywhere, any time with customizable communities. From initial interactions with the customer, all interactions can be captured, policies be managed, and documents  be tracked to create a single source of truth for each customer.

By identifying life events and areas of opportunities to drive actionable insight for investments, lending and mortgage, and insurance with this Customer 360 platform, agents can nurture long-lasting, trusting customer relationships for the financial institution with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Access Global Group has Salesforce accredited Financial Cloud Services specialists to ensure a smooth transition into the Salesforce ecosystem and set your company up to lead and innovate while building trust with your clients. Contact us today to unlock new opportunities by building smarter, more trusting relationships with each and every client while improving effectiveness and productivity of advisors.

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