Salesforce Financial Services Cloud


Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform designed to drive stronger client relationships that last generations.With an enhanced set of productivity and engagement features, advisors can spend less time gathering client information and more time in providing goal-based advice that puts their clients at the centre of everything they do.Financial management companies all want the same potential and lots of these functions are the best set of Service Cloud set-up.

Access Global Group is one of the leading salesforce implementation partners in financial services providing the best possible solutions to the customers in the industry. At the time of Salesforce financial service cloud implementation, you will spend time on adding functionality specific to the business and less time on creating foundational elements. Some of the major foundational elements are:

  • Householding
  • Unified Client Profile
  • Business and household stabilisation
  • Stable tracking of financial goal
  • Tracking of life events
  • Assets Under Management 
  • Wallet share evaluation
  • Smooth capability to Split & Merge households

Salesforce Financial Service Cloud has a sleek pre-built Einstein Analytics application which amazes both consultants and administrators. Many companies in financial industry are using salesforce Financial cloud and seeing high ROI’s in no time. Apart from being a data aggregator Salesforce Financial Services Cloud helps in bringing everything to the right order, places the customer at the core of everything and helps the advisors to make smart decisions quickly.

There are a lot of checklists consider before you shift from your existing financial services to Salesforce financial services cloud like:

  • Salesforce financial cloud needs lightning and you’re require to switch to the lightning phase. Check if you’re ready to do that.
  • You must be very sure of the data migration plan it is very distinct from regular Salesforce.
  • Get full knowledge on the Salesforce financial service cloud roadmap that does good work by collecting feedback from customers and makes changes according to the customers suggestions.
  • You must know if your company is satisfied with less privilege to customise and is fully dedicated to the Householding data model.
  • For a few firms, creating a new Lightning org and then setting up Salesforce financial service cloud is the best way to go as in the long run it will prove to be a more profitable deal.

Salesforce financial services cloud is available in all professional, enterprise and unlimited editions. It also supports bulk actions and APEX steps. So these are some of the details of the Salesforce financial services cloud.

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