Salesforce for Manufacturing

Salesforce for Manufacturing

Successfully running a business in manufacturing, crafting the product is only one aspect of the process. Marketing, sales and after sales service, customer service, spare parts management, sourcing the raw materials, finance, and supply chain management are vital elements and activities that need to be handled meticulously.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud which uses both Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, is a power tool that helps you to run and manage your business efficiently while keeping the vendor and customer management at its best.

SMC is an end-to-end integrated system, from initial interest in the product, quote management, sales and service through vendor management, purchase order progression, quality management, accounts receivable and accounts payable – all activities seamlessly integrated into one platform.

With Manufacturing Cloud, you can:

1. Accelerate Channel Management Solution:

Built on the Salesforce platform with personalized partner portals, apps, and workflows to make it easy for the manufacturers to collaborate with dealers and distributors in areas like sales and marketing.

2. Deliver Intelligent Field Service:

Powered with all the latest innovative technologies such as Einstein AI, SMC equips your service agents with a 360-degree view of each customer with data available on a real time basis, so that your customer service management is more engaging and productive.

3. Streamline Parts Distribution:

The Parts Distribution for Manufacturing Solution transforms the customer buying experience through personalized and intelligent digital commerce. Tableau, Salesforce’s brilliant analytics tool, empowers you with intelligent forecasting and demand planning for meticulous management.

4. Digitize Lifecycle Marketing:

This feature enables you to inspire end-to-end customer engagement. The Salesforce Audience Studio allows you to capture, unify, and activate customer data to identify key customer characteristics. Marketing tactics can be seamlessly integrated with Sales Cloud to turn engagements into business opportunities. For channel selling, Distributed Marketing enables partners to co-manage campaigns and create personalized customer journeys within corporate standards.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is an ideal assistant in every way. It helps you grow current accounts and find new clients, anticipate and resolve issues before they escalate, and keeps the production line buzzing. Contact Access Global Group to learn how SMC can revolutionize your business.

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