Salesforce for Schools

Salesforce for schools

After helping various organizations reopen successfully with, Salesforce is now set to pave the path for schools and educational institutions to resume operations. The world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management Software-as-a-Service will now enable administrators and staff balance education and safety of the students, and the community at large, by making data-driven decisions powered by

The Workplace Command Center is the central hub of the app, which provides a comprehensive view of the level of readiness of the campus to return to normal operations. This dashboard offers customized public health and wellness data of all individuals involved in the school community. Administrators can make data-driven decisions based on wellness trends and communicate with families, teachers, and staff effectively.

Wellness Check is a feature of that allows administrators to offer CDC-aligned health surveys to all involved individuals along with necessary, automated follow-up actions. also includes Contact Tracing, a powerful tool instrumental in containing the spread of infectious diseases and preventing subsequent outbreaks. Through this feature, administrators can chart visual maps of contacts and potential sources of infection to monitor the situation and take safety precautions.

Furthermore, the Communication and Family Engagement Tools enable administrators to share relevant and personalized updates, track responses, and follow-up with families who need additional support. These tools open communication channels quickly and at a required scale.

Student Success Hub, a feature that will be released soon, will help schools support the student community by providing mental health services and tutoring. Through this, the K-12 counselors will be able to monitor student progress and provide early intervention when necessary, even if students are remote.

Salesforce’s relentless efforts in mentoring tomorrow’s leaders are cemented not only through their investment of time, money and effort, but also through technological innovations made to keep the education system moving. Access Global Group can help you incorporate Salesforce ecosystem in your educational institution and aid in your efforts to restore functionality to the Education Sector. Contact us today to learn more or to request a demo.

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