Salesforce Health Cloud – Pharmaceuticals

Salesforce Health Cloud Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Companies throughout the world are under constant pressure in regards to drug pricing, reimbursement constraints and the competitive impacts of mergers and acquisitions. Having an integrated CRM platform that can increase efficiency by connecting supply chain, manufacturing, medical affairs, marketing, sales, and patient services ensures constant innovation-both with patients and customers. The Salesforce Health Cloud is a complete package that delivers the power customers expect, the support patients need, the productive tools employees want, and the trust and security that IT is responsible for – unifying provider, patient, and partner information for a complete view of all business actions and actionable insights.

The Salesforce Health Cloud can be seamlessly integrated to the existing legacy systems through Application Processing Integrator (API), which facilitates the flow of master data and business data bidirectionally to reduce complexities and inefficiencies, while increasing the pace of possible innovation.

The AI-enabled Einstein engine of Salesforce Health Cloud gives predictive analytics, pertaining to trends in the sales and marketing. Acting on this valuable information drives loyalty, and also helps in encouraging habits and a model for patient engagement at scale.

All the stakeholders like the distributors, providers, and patients can be engaged with clear communication through sharing relevant data with smooth interaction amongst all integrated devices.

Salesforce Health Cloud makes it possible for organizations to personalize patient engagement at scale, improve programs, and encourage patient compliance by building stronger relationships.

Clinical trials can be monitored by connecting trial teams, patients, and clinical data on a single digital platform, from start-up to trial management to product release. This speeds up the entire process, enabling companies to recruit easily, foster collaboration, and establish efficient workflows for therapy approvals by integrating data from multiple systems, and results in drastically reduced time taken for bringing a new drug from laboratory trials to release in the market.

Salesforce Health Cloud enables pharmaceutical organisations streamline their business processes, reduce complexity, drive business – wide innovation, and maximize the impact of every patient support program. Contact us today to see if Salesforce Health Cloud is a good fit for your organization.

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