Salesforce Health Cloud: the key to
better health care

Salesforce Health Cloud-the key to better health care

Salesforce Health Cloud is a complete package that delivers the power customers expect, the support patients need, the productive tools employees want, and the trust and security that IT expects for-unifying provider, patient, and partner information for a complete view of all business actions and actionable insights. Health Cloud harnesses the power and security of Salesforce Cloud to deliver a holistic and real-time view of each patient’s health data and care plan.

Health Cloud, along with all Salesforce Cloud products uses a single unique view of the patient, created by capturing relevant EHR (Electronic Health Record) information right from initial appointment, diagnosis, prescriptions, follow-up visits, and communication preferences. Data from all connected devices is captured in Salesforce Cloud and can be viewed in real time. This allows providers and care teams to engage with patients at a deeper level. Effective and timely patient relationship management results in collaborated care and better clinical outcomes. Salesforce Health Cloud empowers healthcare professionals to create stronger 1-to-1 relationships with their patients. With Health Cloud in place, you can deliver the smarter, connected, and personalized experience your patients deserve.

Salesforce Health Cloud elevates the collaboration and communication experience within the care team network. Everyone within the network can assign tasks, collaborate, and send secure messages on any device. Effective collaboration tools lead to increased productivity across care teams, giving them more time to focus on what they do best- providing quality care.

Salesforce complies with the provisions of HIPPA Security Rule that are required and applicable to it in its capacity as a business associate. Salesforce also provides customers with customer-controlled security features in the Salesforce Covered Services, helping hospitals address stringent security requirements.
Integrating EHR data with Health Cloud unlocks a panoramic view of each patient and utilizing these comprehensive patient views results in more efficient work and improved patient relationships. Salesforce Health Cloud makes it possible for organizations to personalize patient engagement at scale, improve programs, and encourage patient compliance by building stronger relationships.

At Access Global Group, we understand the importance of data security and take pride in our technical consultants who are experienced in implementing HIPPA regulations. Contact Access Global Group for a smooth transition into Salesforce Health Cloud and impact a higher number of lives by transforming the way you acquire, service and engage with patient populations.

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