Salesforce Meetings

Salesforce Meetings

Necessity is the mother of invention.’

In today’s environment, as the number of companies embracing a remote work culture is increasing exponentially, so is the need to connect virtually to ensure daily functioning of organizations. Gone are the days when upgrading IT infrastructure remained a luxury only some chose to implement. It is now a necessity for laying the basic framework to communicate and meet requirements like sales, marketing and payments.

To help organizations handle this sudden surge in the digital mode of working and to manage  businesses safely and effectively, Salesforce has added more tools and functionalities to its coveted Salesforce 360 platform. One such feature that drastically improves communication and efficiency is Salesforce Meetings.

Salesforce Meetings is a new video meeting management system that allows sales reps to prepare for, host, and follow up on calls directly within Salesforce. It lays atop every counterpart videos software by providing an interface that gives instant access to the  data stored in Salesforce, allowing impactful and productive calls and strengthening relationships with customers.

Major features of Salesforce Meetings:

  • See and identify key decision makers on the call
  • Access information about meeting attendees
  • Gain information on customer history
  • Review open Service cases
  • Log notes for internal collaboration with “Salesforce Anywhere
  • Provide automated follow up actions from Einstein and flag meeting attendees not in CRM and create new Contacts
  • Have an engaging experience as the presenter and presentation appear side by side for all attendees
  • Pull in the captured digital file of the total proceedings from Salesforce Meetings to Salesforce Cloud for a quick review.

With Salesforce Meetings, your  Sales team  can now be more productive than ever. Equipped with all the key information of the customer in a 360 degree mode, sales agents shine in the sea of virtual meetings. Empowering sales personnel during these unprecedented times boosts productivity of the entire organization. If you have encountered tough issues in your organization due to glitches in communication, Salesforce Meetings could be the answer. Contact us for more information.

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