Salesforce Ohana

Salesforce Ohana

Salesforce created a future of new opportunities by introducing Salesforce Ohana and embracing countless companies to improve the lives of people around the world.

Salesforce’s Ohana, a Hawaiian word for intentional family, is founded on four core values that guide decisions, actions, and communication. The four core principles are as follows:

1) Trust:

Salesforce believes that success is built on trust and trust in turn starts with transparency. proudly displays system status, security and compliance to honor their promise of transparency. System status shares information about availability and performance data of every Salesforce product. Information regarding how to protect Salesforce data, secure identity and access management, and how to develop secure web apps is listed under Security. Moving a step further, Salesforce also displays all compliance certifications and attestations to cement faith in the ecosystem.

2) Customer Success:

Salesforce has a long history of helping companies evolve and to keep it going, Salesforce is committed to shaping success stories of their customers. Numerous success stories ranging from a start-up to an enterprise across a multitude of industries stand as testament to the power of Salesforce.

3) Innovation:

Providing a platform for change, Salesforce believes that innovation is key to gaining competitive advantage. Keeping up with the trend, and often trailblazing novel technologies, lead the company better.

4) Equality:

Salesforce has always been committed to the cause of equality and Salesforce believes that businesses can and should be powerful platforms for social change. As always, leading by example, Salesforce strives to create a workplace that reflects diverse communities, empowering each and every individual through training, personal enablement, and a multitude of programs such as equal pay for equal work.

The fourth industrial revolution has changed the way people work, using robotics, AI, the Internet, and many more. Salesforce has been instrumental in carving a future with greater opportunity and equality for all by making these innovations easier and more accessible.

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