Salesforce Scaries

Salesforce Scaries

Halloween is almost upon us. The nights are growing darker, the air is a little more chilly and is that the wind howling, or something else? Ghosts and goblins come out to play and monsters lurk under the bed. But there is something far more sinister than witches and midnight haunts…double double, Salesforce trouble, by the typing of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…

The Case of Dr. Frankenstein

Is the Salesforce Implementation Specialist you hired a mad genius? Or…just…mad…? You hired them under the impression that their customizations would create a beautifully cohesive system, but instead there are so many disjointed parts that it can only be described as monstrous. Just because “it’s alive, it’s ALLLIIIVEEEEE,” doesn’t mean it should be!

Count Datacula

I vant to suck your…data? Data is in many ways considered to be the blood of any organization, helping to keep it alive. The Salesforce Implementation Specialist you hired had promised to make sure all your precious data was safely transitioned to your new system, but now it’s all gone. And the life and blood of your organization has been drained. Does anyone have any garlic? Or maybe like, a qualified specialist?

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Implementing Salesforce to your current system can be scary and overwhelming, there’s a lot that can go wrong so it’s important to be dealing with the right professional. The last thing you want is an evil face smoothed by mild manners to disrupt the balance of your Salesforce ecosystem. If you find yourself with a Mr. Hyde, it may be time to seek a new Salesforce Implementation Specialist.

Invaders from Mars!

It looks just like them…it sounds just like them…is it? Could it be? Duplicate leads and contacts from a poor implementation have a way of blending into your Salesforce ecosystem, sight unseen. But left undiscovered, they can wreak havoc on data analysis and organization insight. Before you know it, you’ve got dozens of those little imposters masquerading as the original.

Leave the horror storytelling to Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Stephen King. At Access Global Group we turn your nightmare of an implementation into the sweetest dream you’ll never want to wake up from. With over 400 seamless Salesforce integrations and 5 star customer ratings on G2, there’s no tricks — only treats. Get started with us today by visiting

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