Salesforce Security Shield

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Data is central to any organization, be it master data or transactional data generated during the execution of business processes. Analytics generated out of this data in the form of reports and dashboards give actionable insights and serve as a robust  decision making support system, which is vital for any organization. Data in all forms should be secured properly, of course, but what does that look like?

With sensitive data, security and compliance requirements also become increasingly complex. Salesforce has introduced ‘Salesforce Shield,’ a set of integrated services natively built on the Salesforce platform to enhance protection, monitoring, and retention of critical Salesforce data. The three core services – Event Monitoring, Field Audit Trail, and Platform Encryption work together in tandem to assure an added layer of data security.

Platform Encryption:

Encrypt your most sensitive data at rest while retaining critical app functionality. Platform Encryption is integrated with key Salesforce features, so core functionality like search, lookups, validation rules, and Chatter are preserved. Provide your users a full 360-degree view of your customers managing regulated, private, or proprietary data with confidence using Platform Encryption

Event Monitoring:

With the increased use of Salesforce for critical business functionality, monitoring user behaviour and preventing data loss is more important than ever. Event Monitoring generates reports pertaining to detailed performance, security, and usage data for your Salesforce apps in order to help you monitor and ensure compliance with your security policies, understand user adoption across your apps, and troubleshoot and optimize application performance. Any anomaly in accessing the data with reference to the authorization matrix, user profiles and permissions, will be immediately recorded and alerts will be sent. Transaction Security, a key component of Event Monitoring, lets you build flexible, customizable security policies that give IT the power to identify and prevent malicious activity in real time.

Field Audit Trail:

With Field Audit Trail, you can track changes to your data for up to 10 years and report on its value and state over time for forensic level compliance and greater operational insights into your business.

One of the core principles of Salesforce is trust.  Salesforce is committed to earning the trust of customers by fortifying security of data and ensuring customers a healthy data transfer. Access Global Group will help you transition into Salesforce to leverage the security measures in place and unleash the full potential of Salesforce platform in your organization. Contact us here.

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