Tableau + Salesforce: A wholesome analytics platform

Tableau plus Salesforce-Acsgbl

Tableau – one of the top – notch business analytics tools, is a recent addition to Salesforce. This powerful tool gives customers the ultimate experience of data insights through compelling visualizations and analytics. With the merging of Tableau, Salesforce now offers integrated analytics and data displays natively within Salesforce and is a key part of Salesforce Customer 360.

Data transformation is at the core of digital transformation. With data being captured at every point in business transactions, a tool for turning data into actionable tasks is the key for the success of any organization. Analytics and insights into the data help organizations make quick and accurate decisions with a goal of achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tableau is the analytics portion of Salesforce, giving data insights by using the power Einstein AI. The combination of Tableau and Einstein Analytics gives the platform more prescriptive insights and recommendations.

Tableau can be used through all Salesforce clouds to unlock the meaning inside your data and help make sense out of your analytics, turning all of those ones and zeros into answers. Tableau is the analytics glue throughout the Salesforce ecosystem with new use cases, cutting across all business verticals. Tableau empowers every user with intelligent business insights resulting in an easier way to serve up answers.

Leverage the power of Einstein (Salesforce’s native AI) and Tableau to connect to a wide variety of data types and formats, access powerful analytics from anywhere and enjoy the experience of making smarter decisions.

Access Global Group will help you get started quickly with templates and integrations specific to your industry, workflows, and business; unleashing the full power of Tableau to help you spot opportunities, predict outcomes and make sense not only of historic data, but also to be able to anticipate and prepare for your future. Contact us now.

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