The Salesforce Advantage for Small Businesses


Every customer counts, especially to small and growing businesses. And every customer has expectations that change with time. Adapting quickly to customers’ shifting situations and expectations sets a successful business apart and Salesforce CRM is designed to put your customers first.

Salesforce is a CRM solution that helps businesses organize customer information, expand relationships, and win more customers with an array of tools like Customized Sales Processes, Salesforce Einstein and other Customer Service essentials. This CRM solution also gives marketing teams the power to reach greater number of potential customers with the right message at the right time to keep them engaged. This results in exemplary service to customers by understanding their exact needs.

Salesforce CRM is an incredibly valuable tool any small business can utilize to transform customer information into opportunities. The CRM maintains a ‘master record’: a record of the ongoing relationship with each customer. Information that was previously isolated in spreadsheets or documents comes together to create a 360degree view of individuals. Customer information is visible when needed, irrespective of the sales agent or department and creates a customer-centric system.

Many small businesses reported a 27% growth and a 42% improvement in customer satisfaction after Salesforce implementation, making it a popular choice amongst small scale industries. Salesforce offers many industry specific solutions like Sales, Customer Service and Marketing solutions. As a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), Salesforce is cloud-based providing timely automatic updates to keep the service at its best, every day

Armed with highly trained Salesforce professionals, Access Global Group can provide a smooth transition into a Salesforce solution meet the needs of your growing company. Contact us to see how Salesforce can improve your customer relationships and streamline the way your company works.

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