The Top Salesforce Apps in 2022 for
Improving Communication

Jenna Trott

5 min read | April 6th

Improving Communication
You may have heard the phrase “communication is key.” Being able to masterfully communicate is a valuable skill to have regardless of what you do, but having superior communication in the workforce is the heart of any successful business. Effective communication can help employees feel empowered, connected and work more collaboratively which in turn can improve overall company performance. However, as technological advancements continue to develop and we find ourselves working in a more digitally immersed environment, businesses run the risk of creating impersonal relationships with not only their employees but also their clients. Access Global Group has created a list of applications found on the Salesforce AppExchange to foster more genuine relationships without adding extra work to your flow with these apps for communication.

1. Proton Text

Boost customer satisfaction and team productivity with Proton Text. Proton Text looks and feels like a messaging app on your phone, with timestamped talk bubbles, emojis, photos, and file attachments. Maximize productivity with Quick Response templates that personalize frequently-used messages, and Broadcast texts to a team of recipients. Customers & leads want to text from their smartphones and you need to integrate those conversations into your Salesforce workflow. Your team saves time and money, while driving up lead conversation through interaction frequency and velocity.

2. Riva

Riva’s innovative technology and data operations help sales, marketing, and service professionals deepen customer relationships and meet strategic goals. This application works to bridge the gap between Salesforce, calendars and email with real-time, customizable data flow between mission-critical applications – securely and at scale. Riva boasts superior data security that comes installed on the application. It does not cache or store private data and they currently have an unbroken streak of 1100+ successful security reviews that consistently exceeds security and regulatory compliance standards.

3. Slack for Salesforce

Slack is your single workspace that connects you with the people and tools you work with everyday, no matter where you are or what you do. When combined with Salesforce, it allows users to stay in the know, keep everyone on track and collaborate across sales and service teams.

It doesn’t end with improving communication. There are solutions for everything from document generation, productivity, optimization, management and everything in between. Salesforce AppExchange has more than 4,000 listings, so we now have apps for seemingly everything and the ability to fully customize our lives. For more information on the best applications featured on Salesforce AppExchange, check out our free guide here.

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