The Top Salesforce Apps in 2022 for Optimization

Jenna Trott

5 min read | April 8th

Business optimization
“Business optimization,” gets thrown around a lot these days – but what exactly does that mean? Oftentimes business optimization looks like improving the productivity, efficiency, performance and collaboration throughout your organization. But how exactly does one go about effecting that change? With the amount of digital resources at our fingertips, it helps to utilize the plethora of options readily available. Access Global Group has created a list of applications found on the Salesforce AppExchange so you can spend less time worrying about whether your internal capabilities are functioning to their full extent and rest assured knowing that you’re maximizing your Salesforce investment. Check out these apps to further streamline your organization and support the objectives of your company.

1. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight gives users the ability to manage sales without ever leaving your inbox. With Cirrus Salesforce API, there’s no more leaving your inbox to log information into Salesforce. No one likes busy work. Which is why you don’t login to Salesforce or keep it up to date. You’re staying busy talking with customers and closing deals. Now you can see and update Salesforce as you work. Regardless of which email you use, you can automatically sync emails and appointments to Salesforce, track email opens, set follow up reminders, create and update Salesforce records like leads, contacts, and opportunities, schedule sales calls, and more.

2. Cloudingo

What is one of the biggest issues Salesforce users run into? Duplicates. Cloudingo is celebrated for its ability to comb through Salesforce to find duplicate records while giving you the most flexibility and control, with the least headaches of any deduplication tool on the market.

3. is the only integrated platform that enables you to get change adopted at pace, with confidence. Whether you have 100 users or 100,000, this application provides instant impact analysis and configuration knowledge so you can drive change faster. gives you the tools to understand the complexity and impact of any organizational change.

4. DemandTools

Control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, and import Salesforce data in minutes! DemandTools is utilized in over 16,000 Salesforce orgs and is recognized for its ability to fix common data problems, automate data quality routines, and work within your specific processes and customizations. This application allows users to maintain CRM data in less time, so they always have report-ready data.

It doesn’t end with optimizing your org. There are solutions for everything from document generation, productivity, communication, management and everything in between. Salesforce AppExchange has more than 4,000 listings, so we now have apps for seemingly everything and the ability to fully customize our lives. For more information on the best applications featured on Salesforce AppExchange,
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