We’re stronger as allies

We’re stronger as allies

“We’re Stronger as Us, We’re stronger as Allies” -Salesforce

Businesses can be instrumental in driving necessary changes in the society. Salesforce has taken the lead and implemented the following to accelerate and expand their efforts across hiring, supporting and empowering underrepresented groups.

Salesforce is BOLDforce. BOLDFORCE stands for Black Organization for Leadership and Development and was founded in order to empower the Black community. This platform gives a voice, and hones careers with the help of a support system across Salesforce.

Salesforce doesn’t stop here in the effort to give back to the community. In order to lead by example, Salesforce now has a Chief Equality and Recruiting Officer within the organization to oversee these programs. Salesforce works together with several organizations to support workforce development and create education opportunities for underrepresented youth. The company also advocates equality through 12 Employee Resource groups that nurture the next generation leaders through initiatives like the Equality Mentorship Program. Salesforce also partners with the Executive Leadership Council, a group committed to increase the number of successful Black executives, domestically and internationally, by encouraging development, leadership and philanthropic endeavors.

Another example of Salesforce leading by example is in the Equal Pay for Equal Work area. Since 2015, Salesforce has evaluated and adjusted the salaries of its workforce to address gaps among gender and race.

Salesforce believes that transparency is essential in not only making the customers happy, but also to be a harbinger of positive change in the society. Join hands with Salesforce today and be the change.

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