Why Data Matters

Why Data Matters

Data is important for all organizations but even more so for banks and other financial institutions who rely on large data collection and analysis for lead generation, customer service, and sales. For instance, having a customer’s income and credit history on hand makes a difference in being able to accurately target upselling opportunities and to answer any customer questions about eligibility for new services.

However, despite the need for accurate and efficient data collection, many finance firms are left with an overpriced legacy infrastructure which ultimately results in an overwhelming reliance on on manual data entry. Consequently, important sales information sits underutilized in Excel Spreadsheets and sales or customer service reps are tasked with reams of manual data entry; a chronic source of human error.

Implementing a software that is purpose-built for Financial Services enterprises can act as the catalyst for effective change that streamlines efficiency within your institution. Data is the heart of Salesforce and thoughtful automation ensures that data is not only stored, but shared in real time with sales reps, customer service teams, and the c-suite alike. Baked in real-time analytics take reporting time from days to minutes. And advanced CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) capabilities mean that voice-driven insights can be fully stored, categorized and analyzed, bringing a critical source of operational data into the mix.

Transitioning to this platform can provide unparalleled benefits throughout your organization, however, it requires a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and an ability to customize it to reflect the needs of different financial firms. That’s precisely what Access Global Group provides: hands-on consulting, implementation, staffing, and support services proven to deliver
impactful Salesforce solutions for the Financial Services industry.

Contact one of our experienced team members today to learn more about how you can begin the transition today.

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