Command center

Work-com Command

The Command center of is a dashboard that serves as the hub of the app. This well thought-out and strategically convenient tool has all the public and private data required to get your business up and running safely. The private data is collected through carefully crafted surveys that are HIPPA-compliant and contain questions recommended by the CDC. Data is only shown after the required permission is acquired from your employees, honoring their right to privacy. This makes it easier for the business leaders to make informed and data-driven decisions based on a sophisticated summary of employee-wellness related information pertaining to all workplace locations.

Data can be filtered by location, or your employees can be categorized based on their readiness to return to work per location. Information can even be drilled down to separate floors in each building, and employees can be categorized based on their readiness to return to work in each location. Command center also comes with several filters to segregate data for a detailed analysis and track Covid-19 hotspots both locally and globally, giving insight into how each workplace location is faring with respect to its surroundings.

While the world works on reinstating economy, the Command Center is your new boardroom, available on your desktop, laptop and phone; only a finger-tap away. definitely does tame the chaos.

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