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As we are slowly but steadily inching towards the reality of Covid-19 vaccine, Salesforce announced a new technology for procurement, distribution and management of vaccines by governmental agencies and public health organizations. Built on which has already been implemented in several cities, states and companies across the world, for vaccines will help governments and healthcare organizations conduct Vaccine programs safely and efficiently at scale.

Salesforce anticipates challenges in execution of vaccination programs, and presses on the need to monitor outcomes and experiences post-vaccination. Salesforce is giving organizations a flexible technology platform for vaccine inventory management and administration, appointment scheduling, notifications, outcome monitoring, and more.

Features of for Vaccines:

1) Public Health Command Center to provide a comprehensive view of vaccine management data and health status of communities empowering the leaders to make data-driven decisions.

2) Vaccine Inventory Management to help organizations assure the availability and manage adequate vaccine doses, PPE stock levels and syringes, and accurately forecast demand.

3) Vaccination Appointment Scheduling for easy scheduling of vaccination appointments and health assessments with electronic consent capture, while allowing clinicians to determine and prioritize eligibility.

4) Clinical Vaccine Administration to help ensure that the clinical team is well-trained to administer vaccines and has completed pre-arrival screenings and approvals to avoid unplanned delays.

5) Vaccination Outcome Monitoring to help capture health results and outcomes of people following their vaccination appointment. This feature also has self-service guided surveys that allow people to self-report their health outcomes, supplying clinicians with data required to follow up should other health concerns in the community be detected.

6) Public Health Notifications to help public health officials curate accurate education and outreach campaigns and rapidly communicate with providers and people via their channel of choice. for Vaccines is another feather in Salesforce’s cap, lending their invaluable support to government decision-makers, public health leaders, clinicians, and the public at large for a better future, a future in which the term ‘Covid-19’ is not as intimidating as it is now. Thank you Salesforce!

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