As we are collectively getting used to the ‘new normal,’ the journey of reopening has been tough and challenging and calls for a lot of discipline to ensure the safety of everyone. is a solution that addresses the preparedness of the organization to re-open,  reviews the health of employees, customers and  stake-holders on a regular, real time and continual manner. Salesforce came up with along with purpose built apps to manage health-related interactions and workplace planning on a single platform. Critical purpose built apps like the Command Center and Employee Wellness Check help you adhere to the WHO and local government recommended rules while safeguarding the health of public.

Workplace Command Centre:

Built on the Customer 360 degrees’ platform, Workplace Command Center helps communities and businesses to reopen safely and efficiently. Businesses can connect with employees and customers on a single platform and empower executives and those managing returning employees to make data-driven decisions based on real-time public health data, as well as company and employee data.

The major functionalities of the Command Center are:

  • Customizable centralized hub.
  • Employee Wellness can be accessed and monitored through tools like employee’s wellness check and manual contact tracing.
  • Through template based Wellness Surveys, employees can assess their own health and keep the leadership up-to-date.
  • With Shift Management Capabilities, managers are equipped to ensure that employees maintain distancing requirements and aid in contact tracing.
  • Employees can learn new way of working and acquire skills through online training, easily customizable to meet your business needs.
  • Be informed about the latest public data from independent sources on the Tableau COVID-19 data hub.
  • Execute Tasks with Action Framework.
  • Seamlessly integrate with partner apps and solutions.
  • Customize Surveys to meet organizational needs.

We, at Access Global Group, are passionate about helping you transform your organization to get the most value out of your technology assets. Our highly experienced Salesforce consultants will provide the required tools, expertise, education, and resources to build long-lasting systems, relationships and give you the blueprint to reopen and sustain successfully.

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