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Jenna Trott

5 min read | May 24th, 2022

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Customer Care is important, especially if you’re the largest for-profit managed health care company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, like Anthem. Access Global Group had the opportunity of working with Anthem when their manual customer support processes became overly complex and time-consuming. This resulted in agents’ inability to resolve cases in a timely manner, hindering overall work processes. For nearly 80 years, Anthem has been dedicated to delivering better care to their members, providing greater value to their customers and helping improve the health of communities. Which is why when they began feeling as though their current systems were impeding their quality of care, they reached out to Access Global Group for support. Keep reading to learn how Access Global Group worked with Anthem to remedy their current system and help revamp their customer support

About Anthem

Founded in 1946 as Mutual Hospital Insurance Inc. and Mutual Medical Insurance Inc., Anthem underwent many changes before becoming what it is today. One thing that hasn’t changed, is the company’s dedication to making quality and efficient care accessible to its members. Anthem provides healthcare throughout the U.S. and is the largest for-profit managed healthcare company in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As of 2018, BCBS has over 40
million members nationwide.


As one of the largest healthcare insurance companies in the country, Anthem handles a lot of cases on a day to day basis. However, their email case support system was managed manually which became incredibly cumbersome and hindered daily workflow. This resulted in an overly complex support process, preventing agents from resolving cases in a timely manner. Additional challenges faced by the company was the inability to effectively move agents from call to email support since agent skill reallocation/updating could not be done in the current email support system. Further, their support email system was integrated with their security system; meaning that replacing one would require replacing both. This meant that overall data tracking and analysis was hindered on account of laborious work processes.


To address the series of challenges faced by Anthem, Access Global Group implemented Salesforce solutions that aligned with the goals they wanted to achieve. This included implementing Service Cloud with the following to help support agents

  • Custom Service Cloud Consoles to help agents find, update, and create records quickly
  • Improved support processes to streamline the support team’s workflow
  • Process automation to reduce manual efforts and the errors associated with it
  • Knowledge articles to promote a comprehensive understanding of system processes
  • Solutions Cases are created/defined by type, plan family and other key factors to improve data accuracy

Additionally, email to case support now accommodates 100 support email IDs. Access Global Group also implemented an agent custom skill assignment console for managers and email case queues based on the priority. Finally, we created Reports & Dashboards for Anthem leadership to accurately track case SLA’s & KPI with ease.


By utilizing the power of Salesforce, agents’ workflow has seen a significant increase in efficiency. Anthem agents are now able create cases through email IDs and are assigned to cases dynamically based on priority and agent profile. Further, support managers can now reassign agents to high traffic case queues, streamlining workflow and collaboration. Because Access Global Group reduced and optimized manual work with automation, Anthem’s case resolution times now consistently meet KPIs. Thanks to a Service Cloud implementation, Anthem no longer relies on flipping between tabs and can see multiple components of data on one screen. Finally, leadership can rely on Salesforce as their single source of truth of information when they use Reports and Dashboards to accurately measure ROI.

Why AGG?

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our unique project methodology of customer centricity allows us to provide intuitive solutions that are uniquely catered to your organization’s needs. Through strategic planning and thoughtful implementations, we’ll work to streamline your work processes and be there to provide ongoing support every step of the way.

The Access Global Group team is thankful to have worked with such a wonderful organization and are wishing them luck in their future endeavors. Want to learn more about how Salesforce can help your organization? Click here to set up a meeting.

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